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Voilà deux plugins permettant d’afficher des articles sur Google Maps

Google Maps in Posts

Author: team

Google Maps in Posts plugin for WordPress gives possibility to use Google Maps Services in your blog. That could be useful for posts in WP, describing certain locations or events, to indicate them immediately in the WP post with a map. The Google Maps Plugin gives you a simple and easy Worpress administration back end to handle multiple locations and your own location would be defined only once for all the maps of your WP blog.

Post Google Map

Authors: williamsba1, wds-scott, messenlehner

This plugin allows you to add multiple addresses to a post/page and have those addresses automatically plotted on a Google Map in a sidebar widget or directly in the post/page. This is a great plugin to help localize your stories, events, news, etc. Hovering over a plot will display the title of the post, address, and also a thumbnail from the post if any images exist. Easily add and delete a single or multiple addresses to each post/page. Viewing a single post/page displays only addresses attached to that post/page, viewing anything else will show the most recent plots across your entire site. You can also set a custom title and description for each address saved. If no title or description is entered the post title and excerpt will be used. Custom plot markers can be upload to the /markers folder.

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