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Voici une nouvelle sélection d’extensions pour Magento, elle vient compléter les autres post.

Magento EasyTabs
voir la démo
This small extension will help to add informational tabs on product page. Installation and configuration will take approximately 5 minutes. No files are replaced and no codding experience needed to install!
1.Install extension using magento connect.
2.Log out from admin and login again.
3.Navigation to System > Configuration > Templates-Master > EasyTabs and enable extension for any store you need.

MostViewed module
Magento MostViewed module automatically generates the list of your online store’s most viewed
products and displays it at the home page (or some other page) in the customer area. All that you need – add the « mostviewed/list » block to the home page. You can do it at the CMS->Manage Pages page in the admin area. Simply add the following line to the content of page:
{{block type= »mostviewed/list » name= »home.mostviewed.list » alias= »product_homepage » template= »catalog/product/list.phtml »}}

Advanced Sitemap
how a list of product from current store
* Add parent category
->U app/design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product/productlist/category.phtml

A blog can be a great way for an online store to connect with customers, and this Magento extension makes it easy for you to incorporate a blog into your internet shop.  Are you already using the Monk_Blog extension for your store’s blog?  Well, Blog is compatible with Monk_Blog, so this Magento extension can integrate all of the information from your old blog into your new one (make sure you follow the directions closely).

IDEALIAGroup LightBox for Magento
IDEALIAGroup LightBox is UPDATE SAFE since no system files are replaced or modified and you can enable or disable it in a click.
1 – FULL MAGENTO BACKEND INTEGRATION: all parameters available in configuration (no coding needed)
2 – Configurable effect duration
3 – Support for thumbnails and base image: default double-click zooming of base image is automatically replaced and integrated
4 – Full styles configuration: assets colors, fonts and borders can be easily configured

Fooman Google Analytics Plus
This is a beta release – please report how this extensions works for you.
Current improvements:
* * Track every individual page – including sections retrieved via AJAX during one-page-checkout
* * Track the actual typed in keywords by your user (this might not yet work due to a bug in Magento itself)
* * Temporary solution to make your Magento install SEO friendlier via robots.txt

Checkout Newsletter
A regular newsletter is a great way of telling your customers about your latest sales, newest products, and special offers.  Checkout Newsletter is a super simple extension for Magento which allows you to add a ‘Sign Up for Newsletter’ checkbox onto your Onepage Checkout Page.  With Checkout Newsletter, your customers can sign up for your company’s newsletter with just a click of there mouse!

Magento EasyLightbox
Want a free and easy way to improve the appearance and functionality of your Magento site?  Then try Magento EasyLightbox, an extension that displays an image (i.e., your store’s products) as a lightbox.  Magento EasyLightbox takes about 5 minutes to install and configure, and you don’t need any coding experience! This is a great extension for just about type of online shop.

Lazzymonks Twitter
Completely rebuilt to integrate better with magento. All the problems experienced with the earlier version have been fixed in this release.
You can set it to be in either the left menu, right menu or both. The number of updates to display is also adjustable.
Status updates can be posted from within the admin panel.

Customer Groups Configurable Catalog
This extension is a lot more flexible then the Netzarbeiter_LoginCatalog and
Netzarbeiter_CustomerActivation modules, but it is also more complex.
I suggest not installing this extension together with Netzarbeiter_LoginCatalog,
as that doesn’t really make sense.
Release 0.2.5beta and above works with and without the flat catalog enabled

Some tiny but nice features come with the Magento Teaserbox extension – below you will find a complete list of features which are supported within this product.
Image gallery
Sliding direction
Define Teaserbox proportions

Exploded Menu
Replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi column drop down menu system. This is a community version of the Supermenu extension. The screenshots say it all … Allows you to display your product categories in a more intuitive manner. Similar to the functionality used on top ecommerce sites like www.asos.com

source http://visionwidget.com/inspiration/web/374-free-magento-extensions.html

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