extensions magento pour l’expédition et la livraison

Extensions Magento

voici une selection d’extensions magento pour l’expedition et la livraison :

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments

extensions payante, proposant de nombreuses fonctionnalités, dont la configuration de l’expedition par produit.

Configurable shipping per product: depending on the nature of the product to be shipped, you can customise the shipping mode
* Configurable shipping cost – specify global shipping cost for all your subscription products or define per-product shipping price for every item individually
* Configurable guest checkout: Option to allow purchase and checkout with or without registration. If user chooses to checkout as a guest, subscription tracking will be available in the customer area


WebShopApps Product Based Shipping

Allows shipping rate to be determined on a product by product basis


Order Editor

Enables admin to instantly edit order details that don’t affect the order price and create orders with Custom Options/ Configurable Products.


Admin Custom Shipping Rate

permet de specifier des frais d’expedition dans le back admin, lors de la creation d’une commande

ne permet pas de choisir des frais d’expeditions par produit 🙁


Tweakmag Shipping

* Configurable weight units (grams / kilograms)

* Configurable minimum and maximum order values for shipping method to be active

* Estimated time delivery (supported carriers only)


Expeditor_Inet coliposte

Export orders to Expeditor Inet, the La Poste software. Import generated tracking numbers back to Magento to create shipments.


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